Hello all! I'm now on Patreon where I am giving away Wayfarer and SCRAWL products and posts to my patrons. All I ask for is $1 per product to get access to all my posts on the development of Wayfarer and Scrawl and to get the products in advance.

Wayfarer is based upon my game Legend of the Wayfarer (you can get the rules and the 8 gamebooks for Pay What you Want) - set in a quasi medieval world, your aim is to explore strange lands, ancient ruins and great cities on a quest of discovery and growth.

SCRAWL (short for Solo CRAWL), uses a similar system to Wayfarer, but SCRAWL is all about good old fashioned old school breaking into dungeons, killing monsters and stealing their treasure. Explore strange lands and steal loads of stuff is the main aim of SCRAWL.

You can support me on Patreon here.

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