Friday, August 27, 2010

I should just complete things!

I like gamebooks and I have planned lots of them.

I have finally finished writing a collection of short gamebooks which are on the Gamebooks group in Yahoo. They can be found here:\20Books.pdf

The idea of these books were to educate me in the mechanics of writing gamebooks. This was after a few gamebooks I put out there did not get good reviews.

It has been an education. However, I started this a year ago, made lots of plans for books, had ideas for more books and then left it. I then left it for several months before decided that I shoud just finish the project. I now have.

The last lesson that my short gamebook collection has taught me is the value of finishing projects. Unfinished books do not teach us anything and are just a waste of time. However, my pronlem is that every time I write a book, I get two more ideas. It's an exponential nightmare.

I need to put a lot of vague ideas to the side and finish something concrete. I then need to select the ideas that will bring forth the most valuable products. Of course, I need to learn to be that selective too.

I have also finished a book for the Windhammer Short Gamebook competition. The closing date for entries is 7th September if you have a short gamebook lying around.

I'm off to bed now. Night night all!


  1. what are the chances of me getting the 9 short ff adventure without a yahoo mail?

    1. There you go - I put it on Google Drive

    2. For my whole bibliography, head here:

    3. Thanks Stuart! I am going to enjoy myself now :)