Sunday, June 17, 2012

Speculation on The Heart of Fire

As a Magic the Gathering player of many years, I spent a lot of time reading Mark Rosewater's posts and try to crack his cryptic clues about what cards will be released in the next set. 

So when Michael J. Ward, author of Destiny Quest started releasing descriptions of careers for book 2, I put my rumour mill hat on and started trying to work out what it's all going to be about.

The careers have the flavour of being in contact with nature and also being ousted from civilisation.  There is also mention of the Church being the enemy.  It seems that you will be fighting the Church as some outcast from society. 

I'm also speculating on how you don't die in this one.  Will nature regeneratre you if you die?

I guess we'll find out in November.

In the mean time, you can buy the new Legion of Shadow here (softback) or here (hardback).

And keep updated with Destiny Quest here.


  1. I have my eye firmly set on this book ;)

  2. Mike has said that there are 2 factions in Act 1 of Heart of Fire. I'm betting it's the Church and Wiccan.

    As for immortality... I'm not sure. I don't think the reason will be the same as Legion of Shadow. Too cliche to have 2 of them. I had speculated that the Heart of Fire might be a phoenix heart. The character has it put in them, or something. But some exchanges I had with Mike, I think that got shot down.

    One that would be interesting at some point would be something like the character from Gamebook Adventure 4. You are a Revenant who must follow your master's will, but has some degree of choice in the matter as to what that looks like.