Sunday, October 28, 2012

10 Magic the Gathering horrors from the Innistrad block

At the end of last October, I produced a Halloween post on black creatures from Magic the Gathering, only to have a whole horror based block to burst on the scene too late for me to make any changes to it.  So this year, I'm going to give you some Innistrad horrors, none of which are black in order to give the other colours a fair shot.  Don't have nightmares!

Unruly Mob
'Scared people.  Give me a Dalek any day.' - The Doctor in A town Called Mercy.

Some of the best horror stories don't actually include a big scary monster but instead have people become the monsters through fear, hysteria or just because they are that bad.  Unruly mobs appear a lot in gamebooks, such as in Spellbreaker when you are accused of being a witch whilst on a quest to rid the land of evil.  It seems that no good deed goes unpunished. 

Manor gargoyle

Horror, like humour, involves turning expectations on their heads.  One of these methods involves having seemingly lifelfess objects come to life and attack the poor adventurers.  Of course, this is used so often now that most adventurers expect a statue to come to life and attack them which is why, in my gamebook War of Deities part 1, I threw in a little subversion with a skeleton.

Afflicted Desterter and Werewolf Ransacker

Werewolves.  They always turn up in gamebooks and you can even play as one in howl of the Werewolf.  It also includes a very good puzzle where you have to work out who the werewolf is using an illustration and text as a clue.

Creepy Doll

 Most dolls are creepy, especially when they come to life and try to kill you.  I don't think I need to say any more on the issue.

Laboratory Maniac

It is great to persue knowledge but horror stories are full of scientists who go too far and sacrifice their humanity for what they think is the greater good.  This is what the laboratory maniac is all about.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nearhearth Stalker

Another good horror trope involves people surrendering to their basest impulses, something the Innistrad vampires enjoy.  This one also enjoys a good horror trope of being able to come back, because after all, the best horror stories leave room for the villain to return.

Headless Skaab

Zombies are great, especially ones that are stictched together from body parts.  This one is also open to classic 'keep your head' jokes.

Mad Prophet

There's nothing better than having a lunatic raving about how the world will end and that 'They' are everywhere.  Always adds a touch of class to a good horror story.

Raging poltergeist

There's nothing in the room.  except that axe that's flyinig towards my head.  Poltergeists are great because you can never see them and you can't harm them.  And that's how horror should be - surprise and an enemy you can't kill.

Cloistered Youth and Unholy Fiend

No one suspects the innocent child.  Horror is about turning expectations around and thinking that a youth could turn into a crazed killer is one of those expectation turning moments.

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