Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ten adventurers I would like to have in my party

When you're going to raid another improbably located dungeon to slay the dangerous monsters to prove yourself at the top of the very loose food chain, you're going to need backup.  Here are ten adventurers who would be helpful to have along as such backup.

Youthful Knight

First, you're going to need someone who can actually get into the fray and deliver the killing blows.  This knight is swift and keen and he can kill most mooks before they have a chance to fight back.

Crossbow Infantry

There will come a point, however, when you are outnumbered and so you will need backup.  This fellow with his sharp eyes will take down any monster that dares get near you.

Steadfast Guard

What if something tries to sneak up on you in the fray?  You will need someone who can keep an eye out and be prepared to defend you no matter what.  This passionate rebel will never let you down.

Ghost Warden

Sometimes, however, you may come across something that can pack more punch than your team.  This spirit of a former companion can offer protection to you in you need it and help you slay those hulks.

Prodigal Pyromancer

Some monsters are impervious to steel which is why you will need a wizard to blast them away and clear your path.  If combat fails then this sorcerer will see the end of these monsters.

Telas Warrior

What if the dungeon is overrun and the treasure is surrounded by a horde of guards?  Instead of getting yourself killed, send in this fellow.  He is able to slip in unnoticed and escape with the loot.

Samite Healer

After the combat has calmed down, wounds will need to be attended to before the next round begins.  That is why it's always useful to have a healer on board.

Minister of Impediments

If retreat is called for then this magician can slow down the pursuers giving the gang a chance of escape.

Seeker of Skybreak

Everyone needs to rest at some time, which is why its important to have a lookout.  This alert elf can spot trouble and energise the party to stand against it.

Stonework Puma

Finally, there is nothing more dependable than a construct.  It does not need air, water, food or sleep.  It can go places that mortals fear to tread and it is without mercy.  It is a fine companion to have on such a quest.

That's ten companions that you could bring with you on a quest.  It certainly would make Firetop Mountain easier.

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