Thursday, September 26, 2013

Way of the Tiger Kickstarter has begun

Good day to you all gamebookers!  These days, it's rare that I do another post outside of the weekly Sunday one (lots of stuff going on in real life now and also lots of writing/editing), but we have experienced such a momentous occassion, that I must blog.

Yes!  Drum roll...

The Way of the Tiger kickstarter has begun early!

And, after only a few hours, it is already on 36% of its goal!

I think Way of the Tiger is amazing.  I reviewed the first two gamebooks on the Lone Tiger Gamebook blog (which has gone a bit quiet).  You can find the review for Avenger! and Assassin! there.  The other books keep the series fresh by taking a new twist on the gameplay - you go from going on a mission to assassinate some bad guys to the ruler of a city.

There were six books released in total.  Book six ended on a cliffhanger with you trapped in a giant spider's web, which has left fans disgruntled for years.  However, we now have the chance to redress that - with enough money, book 7 will be released!

There is also a prequel book called Ninja!  to be released, written by my good friend, David Walters.  I'm really looking forward to reading that :)

So have a look at the Kickstarter page!  You can get pdfs of the prequel and book 7 for a mere $30 and whilst the print books are ezpensive, Megara produces gorgeous, high quality books with fantastic illustrations.  As someone who owns a copy of Arcana Agency, I can really see the love that they have put into their presentation.  

So go to the Kickstarter page and lets stretch goal this so much, they will have enough money to make another eight books.

Here is the Way of The Tiger Kickstarter page.


  1. OMG, this got +1ed about 2 seconds after I posted it. The gamebook world really is excited about it.

  2. Hello! This is Richard S. Hetley, the person who set up the Kickstarter for The Way of the Tiger. Yes, it seems the gamebook fans are indeed excited about the project: we were fully-funded in just two days!

    Thanks very much for your mention, as I'm sure it contributed quite a bit. Though I can't, uh, promise "another eight books" so quickly, we DO hope to run "a campaign of stretch goals" at this point.

    In particular, we've had a lot of old fans pledging for the full series, and we're trying to find those interested in lower pledge levels. If anyone in the audience is interested in laying down a little money for a lot of fun, our "standard" pledge level offers three books: one hardback of your choice and the two new "extension of the series" PDF books.

    But that's enough advertising. We're in such a mix of promotion materials and thank-yous right now. So, in conclusion, thank you!

  3. My two books arrived today here in the UK they look fantastic, just wish I had enough money to get them all.
    John Simon