Sunday, January 19, 2014

My system take 2

Hi gamebookers!  I'm posting again, because I've had some great feedback about my gamebook system.  I have had some feedback form people who like it, but also some people may think that it is too complicated for gamebooks.  So I have updated version 5 (which I still like) and created version 6, which is a lot simpler.  I will explain how.

Instead of rolling x dice and taking the best 2, you always roll 2 dice for skill tests.  Your skill level is the number of dice you can reroll.

I have changed the wealth system to remove destitute.  I figured that even if you have no money, you could still steal or make basic items of equipment, so, if you have 0 wealth points, you can pick up simple items.

I have removed livings.  I liked livings a lot, but they would add extra complexity to someone both playing and writing with this system.

I have changed the will abilities around a bit.  There are now 13 - 12 of them cost 3 will points and one costs 6.

I have made it to base the numbers around the number 6 as much as possible.

I have changed experience around a bit.  It is quite easy to learn will abilities and a lot harder to train in skills.  My idea is that most starting characters will rely on will abilities which represents natural talent.  As time goes on, training in skills will give them the edge.  Learning will abilities costs a lot less in terms of experience because A)  There are more of them.  B)  I want training in skills to be a late development thing.  C)  Will abilities depend on will which also  needs experience to increase.

So there we have it.  Will version 6 be good for gamebooks?  Tell me what you think!

Edit:  I'm always updating the system.  I'm on version 7 now, which has 18 will abilities (I changed the ability that lets you roll an extra die for any test, just roll an extra die for 1 skill).  Let me know what you think!


  1. Just getting around to looking at this, there's a lot that I like! I love the Simplicity Rule. IMO every gamebook should have a provision like it. I also love the idea of wealth levels, encumbrance, and taking the minutiae out of inventory management. Likewise, how armor and shields modify combat.

    I like the sentiment behind endurance not being simply a measure of health where 0 = death. But it seems to add some complication in combat. And that seems to be where things get dicey. For a system designed to simplify, there seems to be a lot of steps to combat and tests. Lots of re-rolls, lots to keep in your head when you can re-roll and how many times (the dice roll for damage done for combat in particular seems like it could be a big problem, just due to the randomness involved). Granted, it may just appear that way on paper while being easy to actually play. I'd love give the system a whirl and see how it actually plays out. Are you working on something or is this purely mechanicals at this point?

    Despite my misgivings, there's a ton of great ideas here (that I may have to steal... heh heh). The philosophy of simplicity and player advantage is absolutely the right one. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Phil. I might simplify combat (and the whole system), by taking the dice rolling out of it as much as possible. So maybe if you lose a round in combat, you lose 2 endurance points. Also, the steely gaze will ability can reduce an opponent's will by 2. I might replace the will ability that allows a reroll of a damage die in combat with an ability that you can use in combat to reduce an opponent's endurance by 1 (it might sound low, but I don't want it to be game breaking).

      Having an endurance of 0 not necessarily being fatal does add complication to the game system. That means that anyone using this system will have to think of the consequences of getting an endurance of 0 every time they reduce endurance.

      Many thanks. I'll make a few changes. :D

    2. Version 8 now released. Fixed damage is dealt now. Combat should be slightly more complex that FF - you roll two dice for you and your opponent and compare. Lowest roller loses 2 endurance. There's no need to add numbers, but there are rerolls (but no tests for luck either). Also, you have to remember to deduct 1 endurance from each combatant.

  2. I like what I see here. Is your intent to show us the system that you will be using to make a gamebook series? Is this a system that you want to see others use as well?