Sunday, August 16, 2015

Books 1-5 of Legend of the Wayfarer out now!

Hello all! Books 1-5 of Legend of the Wayfarer are out now on PWYW (which can be £0).

You can get the core rulebook here.

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Below are the blurbs for the books. Enjoy!

Deepbridge Danger Day

The town of Deepbridge is holds many strange inhabitants and you have no idea what you might walk into. Yet, there are many rewards for the daring adventurer and this is the perfect place to begin your legend.

Challenge of the Faerie Lord

A man has been accused of a crime and faces exile unless you can prove him innocent. To do this, you must brave an ancient and mystical forest, under the control of the fickle and dangerous Faerie Lord and his subjects. Dare you enter?

Risky Ventures

Looking for company, you hire yourself out as a guard to a caravan. Little do you know however, what a cursed journey it will be. Can you survive the bandits, strange creatures and wild folk and finally make it back to the comforts of civilisation?


The world is littered with many ancient ruins holding magic and treasures beyond the understanding of humanity. They also hold many dangers. You have decided to find one of these ruins and liberate these treasures. However, despite been left uninhabited for hundreds of years, pernicious sorcery keeps these treasures protected.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

 Baron Rogaris’s lands seem like a quiet place to stay, but there is opportunity here. People have lost things and people need to find things. If you can find these items, it will become very profitable for you. Of you could end up dead and forgotten in a ditch. But that’s the life of an adventurer such as yourself.

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