Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Future plans part 3 - the rest

Hello all! Here are the rest of the options to my survey that didn't make the top 3.

Kickstarter updates

I put that in with news of releases seeing as they were close in terms of number of votes and also similar to each other.

Articles on boardgames, computer games and RPGs

Playing these things gives me a lot of ideas for gamebooks (a recent RPG I played has given me inspiration for a Windhammer competition), so I will keep these coming as they come.

Legend of the Wayfarer

Not much interest in this, so I will save it for when it is done (in the future...) and talk about its development when it is finished. The old version is available for PWYW. The new version will look quite different to it.


Wuite low. Maybe because there are plenty of other blogs that do them?

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