Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tunnels and Trolls magic weapon solo

Hello lovely gamebookers! I'm currently working on something that I've wanted to for a while - I am a fan of Tunnels and Trolls and I wanted to create a solo where you can go on quests to help make your own personalised magic weapon. This weapon would be able to gain powers as you gain in level, so it would be a weapon that you could never outgrow.

The solo would involve you questing and collecting points to spend on your magic weapon at the end of the book where you could pick powers. The powers were in levels, so higher level powers are more expensive. You are allowed to buy a power at a higher level, but you can't use it until you get to that level. So, if you buy a power that increases your adds at levels 3, 4 and 5, then as you go up in level, your adds will increase.

Here is the document so far - it is still a work in progress, so expect updates. Please feel free to leave any comments about the powers - are the levels appropriate? Will the weapon be powerful enough, but not too powerful? Are there any powers that you want to include?

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