Sunday, October 27, 2019

Good things about Coils of Hate part 3 - the city and the atmosphere

NOTE: I wrote this post a long time ago and I've only just released it. Since then, Mark Smith generously gave me his permission to release a fan version I made which reboots the original book and (I hope) addresses the problems it had. You can get it from Drive Thru RPG for free!!!!!

So Coils of Hate in its current form does not work as a gamebook. However, the problem for this lies with technical issues of linking sections and actually, it has a lot of good stuff in place. I've been going through the book quite thoroughly recently and

Godorno is a stinking cess pit of a city. You live in a rotten hovel with nothing but a bug infested bed and a few utensils to your name. As soon as you leave it, the door breaks off and someone enters it to find something to steal. As you walk around the city, you see the poor, the starving and the diseased walking through streets with abandoned houses, cages full of plague victims and draconian militia. At one point, you see several human hearts float down the river. When you return, you find some friends starving in a cramped, damp cellar. You might also encounter Tyutchev in a cramped dive bar.

You go to other locations from the opulent Overlord's palace to the mysterious Tower of the Sentinel and there is a rich, vivid description of each place as you go there.

So, there is more to Coils of Hate than meets the eye. Why don't you have a read of it?

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