Tuesday, August 31, 2021

International Gamebook Day

 Hello all! International Gamebook day weekend is over for 2021, but the fun can still continue.

If you want to see any of the interviews, they are at the Storymaster's Tales Youtube channel: The StoryMaster's Tales Interactive RPG Theatre - YouTube

As a bonus, here is an interview with Joe Dever from a few years back: The Fantasy Podcast: Joe Dever Lone Wolf Interview. - YouTube

Also also, My Gamebook Adventures is doing a meetup in Leeds on the 10th October at Geek Retreat: 4th Gamebook Adventures Meetup in Leeds! | Facebook

International Gamebook Day is already being planned for August 27th 2022. The Facebook page for it is here: International Gamebook Day 2022 | Facebook

So, as you can see there is gamebook goodness for all!

Happy gamebooking!

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