Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Warlock Returns charity auction for MIND

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I'm sorry for missing a post last Sunday. I was sorting out the Lindenbaum entries. I'll do an extra post this week where I release those entries.

Today, however, there is something else that would interest you. And that's a chance to get some sweet gamebook collectables whilst, at the same time, donating money to a worthy cause.

The people at the awesome Advanced Fighting Fantasy Fanzine, The Warlock Returns (which you can get on Drive Thru from Arion Games - issue 5 is the latest issue!) have put together a charity auction where the money will go to MIND, the mental health charity.

The goodies include signed gamebooks, original artwork and book bundles. You can see what's on offer here.

You can donate to MIND here: Sam Byford is fundraising for Mind (

You can also watch the livestream for the launch of the auction: The Warlock Returns | Charity Auction - YouTube

The auction closes on February 28th.

Mental health is also an important part of our lives. Even before the pandemic and lockdown, a lot of peoples' mental health was not great. This is probably due to a lack of visible resources for mental health, peoples' general reluctance to talk about their mental health and also society's general portrayal of mental health issues as things to not be talked about. Most people can go out in society and seem happy and content. However, a lot of people are probably just masking their mental health issues because they might feel that they shouldn't talk about them or that they will be ostracised.

The trouble is with mental health issues is that they don't go away if ignored. They usually grow and come out in unexpected ways. Which is what I discovered when, as a teenager, when my mum lost her job and I started taking some acne medication that caused depression (and might have caused liver damage - talk about the medicine being worse than the disease) that I could power through it for a few months, but, later on in life, it clouded my outlook on things, causing problems that weren't there. At the time, no one knew, so I should have said something.

Which is why either bidding on gamebook goodies or donating to MIND is a good idea for all concerned.

So, once again, here are the links:

You can watch the livestream here: The Warlock Returns | Charity Auction - YouTube

You can donate to MIND here: Sam Byford is fundraising for Mind (

You can bid for things here: The Warlock Returns auction for FF & AFF ttRPG Fans - GalaBid

The auction closes on February 28th.

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