Sunday, July 31, 2022

July news and upcoming August news

 Hello lovelies! Here is the news for July and upcoming events for August.


Fighting Fantasy Collector is a website run by Jamie Fry - he releases a guide to the price of all the Fighting Fantasy collectables. He is releasing a new one for the 40th anniversary.

Fighting Fantasy Collector – A comprehensive guide to everything collectable for Fighting Fantasy

Here is a lovely solo RPG.

Valley of the Conquered King, a SoloRPG Adventure Hex - SoloRPG |

Adam Mitchell has released another gamebook!

M.I.A : A D88 Survival Gamebook: Mitchell, Adam C: 9798839341760: Books

There will be two new Fighting Fantasy books out in September - here are their covers!

Fighting Fantasy 1982-2022: 40th Anniversary Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks' covers revealed! (


Expeditionary Company

Expeditionary Company: July 20 on Kickstarter.

A game of resource management and travel through a condemned world that uses 3 gamebooks with more than 3 000 sections.

Expeditionary Company by Sugaar Editorial — Kickstarter

Castle of Blackwood Moors THE GAME

Castle of Blackwood Moors is a great fantasy gamebook. Now there is a Kickstarter to make it a game.

There is a demo on Itch - The Castle of Blackwood Moors by madoverlord (

Castle of Blackwood Moors Gamebook THE GAME by David Konkol — Kickstarter

One Night Worlds

Brian Hazzard of Insteadeath Survivor's Support Group podcast fame is preparing a Kickstarter for One Night Worlds - a solo TTRPG. 

One Night Worlds: Zero-prep, GM-less, one-page TTRPGs by Brian Hazzard — Kickstarter

YOU ARE THE HERO 40th Anniversary edition

This will be running soon! Click below to be notified.

YOU ARE THE HERO - 40th Anniversary Edition by Jonathan Green — Kickstarter


Deathtraps and Dungeons

Deathtraps and Dungeons has started season 2 with Talisman of Death.

Deathtraps and Dungeons

Emily Short

If you aren't reading Emily Short's blog already, then you should be, because it is awesome. It is more interactive fiction than gamebook, but there are still loads of crossovers, especially this post I saw recently.

Writing for Games: Theory & Practice (Hannah Nicklin) – Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling (



Voidspace issue 3 is out:

voidspace 3 – voidspace _ (

Fighting Fantazine

Fighting Fantazine issue 17 will be out very soon!

Fighting Fantazine


There is a new podcast to be out in August. It is called the Podcast from Firetop Mountain where Alison Cybe and I discuss Fighting Fantasy books.

The first episode will be released on the 1st August and it will be City of Thieves.

The Postcast from Firetop Mountain - YouTube

You can support the podcast and all of Alison's other creations on Patreon. (and also get the episodes a week early!)


International Gamebook Day

This is the 27th August. 

International Gamebook Day 2022 | Facebook

Fighting Fantasy Fest

Fighting Fantasy Fest! Yes, I know this is cheating, because Fighting Fantasy Fest is the 3rd September and not August, but it's Fighting Fantasy Fest!

Here are the tickets: Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 Tickets, Sat 3 Sep 2022 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

Adventures in social media

I found Storey's Stories on Instagram.

It is described as Crowd powered interactive storytelling. 

Give it a look:

Storey's Stories (@storeys_stories) • Instagram photos and videos

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