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January news and upcoming February news

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Here's what is going on so far...


Betrayal in Neo Sybaris: A gamebook from Samuel Isaacson

Neo Sybaris, the hedonistic city made possible by the Cybernetic Regime of Liberty and Justice, is a living hell for the Dust, the underclass that barely survive on scraps. But some are determined to bring change.

One small group of Insurgents, with connections into the privileged Veblen Stratum, sets off on a mission where a mysterious stranger approaches.

The Insurgent he approaches is you.

Immerse yourself in this dystopian web of lies in which no-one is to be trusted.

Betrayal in Neo Sybaris: A gamebook from Samuel Isaacson : Isaacson, Sam: Books


Warlock Returns

The Warlock Returns is an Advanced Fighting Fantasy Zine. Issue 8 is out now as a pdf and physical version. 

The Warlock Returns Issue #08 - Arion Games | Advanced Fighting Fantasy |


Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright, who has written many, many Advanced Fighting Fantasy supplements is making an AFF dungeon for the Dungeon 23 challenge.

Fantasy Game Book: #Dungeon23 Inspires Dead Blog Resurrection!

Deathtraps and Dungeons

They have done Appointment with Fear.

Deathtraps and Dungeons : Appointment with F.E.A.R

Adventure Gameblog

Various gamebooks from this blog.

Adventure Gameblog (

Gamebook Odyssey

More gamebook reviews. The latest is Proteus 8.

Gamebook Odyssey (

Nicholas Andriani

I think I found this on Facebook. It is a great post about interactive Midsummer Night's Dream.

A Midsummer Night’s Maze: Interactive Fiction and Narrative Design – Nicholas Andriani Rankin


There's an interactive Deathtrap Dungeon film in the works!

Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room | Wales Interactive


Destiny Quest

Destiny Quest book 5 is coming soon!

DestinyQuest: The Wrath of Ragnarok by Michael J Ward — Kickstarter

Box of Delights

The Box of Delights - The Roleplaying Game (Make 100) by Jonathan Green — Kickstarter

The Box of Delights - The Roleplaying Game is an adaptation of John Masefield's Christmas children's classic, written by Jonathan Green and illustrated by Tony Hough - the creators of 'TWAS - The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas - and licensed through The Society of Authors, the Literary Representative of the Estate of John Masefield. 

The Box of Delights - The Roleplaying Game is a rules-lite RPG, designed to be picked up and played with minimal preparation. Players take on the roles of Kay Harker and the Jones children as they experience the events of the book first-hand, encountering the mysterious Punch-and-Judy Man and becoming embroiled in the sinister plot being perpetrated by the wizard Abner Brown and his coven of wolf-worshipping witches around the Winter Solstice in the run up to Christmas.

The Box of Delights - The Roleplaying Game (Make 100) by Jonathan Green — Kickstarter

The Temple of Shadows

In this gamebook you'll take on the role of a young ranger who wants to protect his home village Brinthal. On your way you'll have to explore an underground temple, fight against shadow creatures, discuss with troll spirits, solve puzzles, survive traps and face a sinister threat from ancient times.

The Temple of Shadows stands within the tradition of gamebooks like Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy, which I've always liked. This interactive book uses modern game mechanics to create the most varied and enjoyable game experience possible. The rules of the game are intentionally kept simple. All you need for playing is two six-sided dice (2d6) and a pencil.

The Temple of Shadows - A Fantasy Gamebook by Christopher Bünte — Kickstarter

Quick and Dirties #4: The Priory of Red Peitor

That's an embarrassing thing to explain, innit? I kid. Don't worry, I'll explain the ins and outs of it, if you know what I mean.

Marching Order quick and dirties is a new type of delve. They're no nonsense adventures meant to be played in a single sitting. Each one comes on a  twelve panel fold out brochure that fits real nice in your Marching Order box. If you're lucky, you'll survive your trip to the Priory and can spend some loot back in Rotbottom. But ya probably want to know who Red Pietor is, huh?

Read on, Rogue.  

Quick and Dirties #4: The Priory of Red Peitor by Crumbling Keep — Kickstarter

Interactive Fiction and Gamebook Discussion group

February's book is Rulers of the NOW, by yours truly! Discuss it over at the group!

Interactive Fiction & Gamebooks Discussion Group (Book Club) | Facebook


Entries to the Lindenbaum Compeitition close on Feb 14th!

You can see the requirements here - Lloyd of Gamebooks: 2022/2023 Lindenbaum Prize announcement

The Lindennbaum Prize is sponsored by Peter Agaopv, contributor to Lloyd of Gamebooks and owner of  Augmented Reality Adventure Games who is very generously providing the first prize.

The Lindenbaum Prize is also sponsored by Crumbly Head Games who is providing free licenses to The Gamebook Authoring Tool as prizes and also has a free version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool that goes up to 100 sections.

Many thanks to Tammy Badowski for donating her time to the Lindenbaum Prize.

Adventures in social media

I found this on the Reddit gamebooks group.

Someone called Jay is mapping out the optimal paths for the Fighting Fantasy books. Have a butchers.

Graphing Fighting Fantasy

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