Friday, December 8, 2023

Entries are now being accepted for the 2023/2024 Lindenbaum Prize

Entries are now being accepted for the 2023/2024 Lindenbaum competition.

The rules have changed this year. This year, 50% of the weighting for the results will be due to judges and 50% of the weighting for the results will be due to popular vote. 

I also won't be hyperlinking any books this year.

Entries are to be sent to

The closing date is 5pm GMT on the 20th February 2024.

Full rules to be found at:

Lloyd of Gamebooks: 2023/2024 Lindenbaum Prize announcement

The Lindennbaum Prize is sponsored by Agapov, contributor to Lloyd of Gamebooks and owner of  Augmented Reality Adventure Games who is very generously providing the first prize.

The Lindenbaum Prize is also sponsored by Crumbly Head Games who is providing free licenses to The Gamebook Authoring Tool as prizes and also has a free version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool that goes up to 100 sections.

The Lindenbaum Prize is also sponsored by HJ Doom who is providing a miniature to the winner.

Many thanks to Tammy Badowski for donating her time to the Lindenbaum Prize.


  1. Reposted on ThePiazza:

  2. Note that on ThePiazza there is a sub-forum specifically dedicated to Fighting Fantasy / Advanced Fighting Fantasy

    1. Many thanks! I have been here before from time to time, but thankyou for reminding me!

  3. Hi! I've just been made aware of this competition and it just so happens that I am in the final stages of writing a gamebook. I am interested in posting my gamebook here for the competition. I noticed some complaints in a previous year's competition about hyperlinking. Is this a required element for submission? Additionally, is there a rules page? Thank you for any clarification!

    1. Hyperlinking is not a requirement, but I am not adding hyperlinks to any books.

      Here is the rules page:

  4. Well, apparently Google logins aren't working right now, so I have to be a mysterious anonymous poster. But I'm here to say that I 100% missed this announcement, and am now scrambling to produce an entry with only 14 days to go. Pray for me!