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Hello all! If you wish to contact me about anything gamebook related or not gamebook related, give me an email at

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  1. Hi man!

    I'm Andrea Tupac Mollica, author of the "The Gates of Hellwinter" and "The Three Beggars" FF RPG adventures.

    I read your posts in the Arion Games forum. Actually, I tried to contact you via the forum itself, but for some reason I can't register to it, the system does not send me the e-mail confirmation. So, I'm writing directly to your e-mail.

    I'm very pleased you and your friends liked the adventures I wrote. Please, feel free to edit and adjust them as you want, I'm only asking to be clearly credited as the adventures' author. I've also a third adventure, at early draft stage, titled "The Fall of Skelo", which concludes the Hellwinter trilogy.

    Where do you plan to publish these adventures? I read you were talking about a new website. Is it a new Arion games website?

    Moreover, if you want I can help you converting the adventures to the AFF2 ruleset. There's only one problem: I don't own the Arion Games manual! I've got only the old AFF manuals by Penguin Books, and I don't know how much the rules have changed since the first AFF edition. I also play the FF RPG with some home rules which differ in several points from the AFF standard rules.

    Please, let me know if I can somehow help.

    See you soon!