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Hello all! If you wish to contact me about anything gamebook related or not gamebook related, give me an email at


  1. Hi man!

    I'm Andrea Tupac Mollica, author of the "The Gates of Hellwinter" and "The Three Beggars" FF RPG adventures.

    I read your posts in the Arion Games forum. Actually, I tried to contact you via the forum itself, but for some reason I can't register to it, the system does not send me the e-mail confirmation. So, I'm writing directly to your e-mail.

    I'm very pleased you and your friends liked the adventures I wrote. Please, feel free to edit and adjust them as you want, I'm only asking to be clearly credited as the adventures' author. I've also a third adventure, at early draft stage, titled "The Fall of Skelo", which concludes the Hellwinter trilogy.

    Where do you plan to publish these adventures? I read you were talking about a new website. Is it a new Arion games website?

    Moreover, if you want I can help you converting the adventures to the AFF2 ruleset. There's only one problem: I don't own the Arion Games manual! I've got only the old AFF manuals by Penguin Books, and I don't know how much the rules have changed since the first AFF edition. I also play the FF RPG with some home rules which differ in several points from the AFF standard rules.

    Please, let me know if I can somehow help.

    See you soon!


  2. This afternoon, I tried SCRAWL for the first time (I love it, loads of fun!). My priest, who was searching for a lost tome of prophecy, managed to clear out an abandoned monastery. After slaying the hydra in the library (a close one!), he snagged some loot. One of the treasures he found was a gold key. I saw that there are iron, bronze, silver, and gold keys. It looks like from the Dungeon of the Orc Boss pdf, iron keys can be used to open locked chests (one use per key only?), but I didn't see anything else about the keys except that they exist and that (possibly) shady people might try to sell them to you.
    Are there any mechanics associated with the different types of keys or is it just, "Well, this door to the castle's treasury is secured with a gold lock, so you better have a gold key if you want the baron's jewels!"


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