So what are gamebooks anyway? Click here if you want a primer on gamebooks.

If you are reading this, you probably think of gamebooks as them Fighting Fantasy/Choose Your Own Adventure books where you have to go to different paragraphs that you played once or twice back in the 80s or 90s.

If that is what you think, then this page is here to inform you as to what a gamebook is, how you put one together and just how great they are.

If you an absolute beginner and have no idea, click here for my gamebooks for dummies article.

Maybe you've thought about writing a gamebook yourself.  In that case, go here for my series on how to write a gamebook.  And if you fancy on testing your skills, why don't you enter the Windhammer competition where you might get published by Tin Man Games (here's more reasons why you should enter the Windhammer competition)

Do you want to play some gamebooks for free with a minimum of fuss?  Well, there's the Choose Your Own Adventure Wiki and the Adventure Cow websites where you play simple gamebooks where you just have to make choices and there is no game element involved.

What if you really loved a gamebook from years ago, but you can't find it or you want to remind yourself about it.  Well, there is no better place than Demian's gamebook database to find that gamebook.

Maybe you fancy something a little more complex.  Well, there is Project Aon which has all the Lone Wolf gamebooks for free or FFproject which has many high quality amateur Fighting Fantasy books.  There are also the awesome Windhammer gamebooks, a game based on Fabled Lands called Age of Fable and Heart of Ice, a superb Virtual Reality Adventure by Dave Morris.

If you are wondering what gamebooks have been up to in the last two decades since they seemingly faded into obscurity, then check out the Gamebook Adventures website, the Project Aon website or the Fighting Fantasy website to find out that they have been alive and kicking.

If you thought that you were the only person in the known universe who still read gamebooks, then you can find some friends in the Gamebooks Yahoo group, the unofficial Fighting Fantasy forum or the Project Aon forums.

And if your hunger for gamebook commentary has not been satiated, then there are plenty of other blogs for you to devour.

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If you love gamebooks and you would like to buy some, then have a go at Destiny Quest - it will definitely keep you immersed in a wonderful game for a while.

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