Voting is now open for the 2021/2022 Lindenbaum Prize!

 Hello all! While voting for the Lindenbaum Prize is going on, this will be the title page of the blog. However, I am still making posts. The latest post is here: Lloyd of Gamebooks: Just 48 hours to vote for the Lindenbaum competition!

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Image by Pat ONeill

Voting is now open for the 2021/2022 Lindenbaum Prize. Voting is open until 10pm GMT on the 5th April 2022.


The Lindenbaum prize is awarded to the entrant who receives the greatest number of reader votes. This prize relies on votes provided by readers who have read enough of the entries to make a considered choice as to the relative merits of the gamebooks submitted. It is expected by the sponsor of this competition that votes will be provided on this basis. For 2021-2022, the voting system applied as follows:

A valid vote must be forwarded by email to A valid vote must nominate the three gamebooks most favoured by the voter from the competition entrants. A vote with less than three nominations cannot be accepted. A vote forwarded with more than three nominations will only have the first three accounted for in the voting tabulation.

Only one voter email is allowed per reader. All votes will be checked for duplication of email addresses.

Feedback to the authors may be forwarded to the competition sponsors at All feedback given will be provided to authors at the end of competition as a part of the email notification of results.

Voting will close on the 5th April at 10pm GMT!


Here is a zip file containing all of the entries.

Here are the individual entries:

Escape the Asylum by Ulysses Ai                                                           Tomb of Souls by Ivailo Daskalov

The Lightning Eagle and the Monks of Mayhem by Gary Coupland     I, Battlemage by John Osborn 

Master of Blights by Grant Cobb                                 The Garden of Earthly Regrets by David Donachie

The Eldritch Key by Tiago Fillipe Costa                                                Archer by Morten Gottschalck

Mind Storm by Andrew Greene                                                    Pawn to Phoenix Four by Yoon Ha Lee

Wyvern Mountain by Cody Hanson                                    Happy Fun Activity Book by Jeremy Johnson

Shadow in the Forest by Kevin Joseph                                                        Crowlopiea by Peter Shelton

Orbworld 0: 'The Witches Prophecy Zero' by Paul Savoir                         Hunter's Walk by Niall Turner


The Lindennbaum Prize is sponsored by Peter Agapov, contributor to Lloyd of Gamebooks and owner of  Augmented Reality Adventure Games who is very generously providing the first prize.

The Lindenbaum Prize is also sponsored by Crumbly Head Games who is providing free licenses to The Gamebook Authoring Tool as prizes and also has a free version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool that goes up to 100 sections.

Many thanks to Tammy Badowski for donating her time to the Lindenbaum Prize.