Sunday, April 3, 2022

Just 48 hours to vote for the Lindenbaum competition!

 Hello all! 

Just a quick note to say that you have 48 hours from when this was written (10pm GMT on the 3rd April 2022) to vote for your 3 favourite entries to the 2022 Lindenbaum prize. 

The entries are below.

Votes need to be submitted to


Here is a zip file containing all of the entries.

Here are the individual entries:

Escape the Asylum by Ulysses Ai                                                           Tomb of Souls by Ivailo Daskalov

The Lightning Eagle and the Monks of Mayhem by Gary Coupland     I, Battlemage by John Osborn 

Master of Blights by Grant Cobb                                 The Garden of Earthly Regrets by David Donachie

The Eldritch Key by Tiago Fillipe Costa                                                Archer by Morten Gottschalck

Mind Storm by Andrew Greene                                                    Pawn to Phoenix Four by Yoon Ha Lee

Wyvern Mountain by Cody Hanson                                    Happy Fun Activity Book by Jeremy Johnson

Shadow in the Forest by Kevin Joseph                                                        Crowlopiea by Peter Shelton

Orbworld 0: 'The Witches Prophecy Zero' by Paul Savoir                         Hunter's Walk by Niall Turner

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