Sunday, March 27, 2022

News for March 2022 and upcoming news for April 2022

 Hello all!  Here is this month's news.

Gamebook releases

Lone Wolf

You can now get the Definitive editions of Lone Wolf 4, Chasm of Doom and Lone Wolf 5, Shadow on the Sand. Definitive Editions – Magnamund - Holmgard Press

Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell is releasing another D66 gamebook, A Bullet is Forever. The book is set in World War II. It will first be available on Amazon. Adam Mitchell: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Choose Your Own Adventure

To celebrate Pi Day (March 14th), Choose Your Own Adventure is releasing The Dregg Disaster: An Algebra 1 Gamebook by Chris Matthews.

Algebra I teacher Chris Matthews guides students through Algebra I lessons in this unexpected framework: each choice you make leads to an equation unlocking the next chapter of YOUR adventure with the nefarious Dregg corporation, and brings you one step closer to undoing their evil actions, and becoming an Algebra I Wizard!

The book is out in October.

The Dregg Disaster: An Algebra 1 Gamebook – Chooseco LLC (


Advanced Fighting Fantasy

This is not new but Andrew Bartlett has made an Advanced Fighting Fantasy module called Viscera which is a collection of how adventurers can get scarred and injured.

Viscera 1.02 280317.pdf - Google Drive

Arion Games has released Return to the Pit miniatures

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Minis: Return to the Pit Set IV - Arion Games | Kapsalis Miniatures | Advanced Fighting Fantasy |


Destiny's Roll

KALEIDOSCOPE FRENZY is the fifth book in the DESTINY'S ROLE adventure gamebook series and is the long-awaited sequel to FRAGILE BEAUTY which appeared in DESTINY'S ROLE 0: ZERO TO HERO. FRAGILE BEAUTY was a modern day-set hard boiled detective adventure concerning the mysterious disappearance of a young woman. KALEIDOSCOPE FRENZY follows on from that adventure, allowing the player to continue the story using the same character or, like all DESTINY'S ROLE gamebooks, KALEIDOSCOPE FRENZY can also be played stand alone with no previous knowledge of FRAGILE BEAUTY, but the concept is that the FRAGILE BEAUTY case greatly increased the fortunes of your character, to the extent that work is now in ample supply. 

Destiny's Role 4: Kaleidoscope Frenzy by Mark Lain — Kickstarter

Social media

Joe Cheal has set up a Facebook group for his gamebook series, Imaginarium Gamebooks. You can find it here.

There is a forum here with gamebook playthroughs:

In The Trenches - The Gaming Den (


Instadeath Survivors'Support Group

This month, we have had episodes with Jeremy Morgan who was part of  the Pericle team, a playthrough of Steam Highwayman and some news reports from me.

Future episodes will be with the authors of the Lone Wolf definitive editions.

You can get the episodes here

Welcome to Instadeath Survivors Support Group by Instadeath Survivors Support Group (

For early access to ad free episodes and bonus content, you can support Brian on Patreon.

Brian Hazzard is creating A podcast about gamebooks and the readers who adore them | Patreon

Fantastic Fights

This podcast is currently playing through Masks of Mayhem.

Fantastic Fights — Haunted Phonograph

Campaign on Dice

The podcast is revisiting The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Campaign On Dice – Podcast – Podtail

Google Alerts

I have a weekly Google alert for "gamebook". Normally, the links I get are all about golf game books, but last week I got a link about how the Infosec Institute won an interactive fiction award for a gamebook about infosec: InfoSec Institute Wins Best in Class Award for Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games (

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