Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few links

Jonathan Green, author of several gamebooks has now opened up a forum.  Join it to discuss his writing and gamebooks in general.

In his forum, I found this article from the Guardian  about electronic gamebooks and Tin Man Games, a company that has released electronic gamebooks. 

My phone at the moment is quite old.  I still like it because it has a fun ringtone (click the mp3 link half way down the page).  However, it does not have apps, so I need to get a new phone that can so I can take advantage of them.  I'll just have to let go of the cat dance.

There is one to be found here that Suresh V.S. posted on this blog on my other URL (now discontinued).

I'm glad that gamebooks are getting more attention and ebooks are giving them a new platform.

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