Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things to enjoy

Hi all!

Back in May, I wrote a post with an alternative character interpretation on Zagor.  Well, Xie323 has written his take on Zagor as comments to the post.  Take another look at the post to see Xie323's piece and throw in your own two cents if you like.  

Xie323 has written a detailed and well thought out article, highlingting more of Zagor's characteristics and giving us an insight into his personality.

Also, the new Destiny Quest books are available for pre order from Amazon.  You can pre-order a paperback or hardcover second edition of book 1 (which may or may not have extra material in it).  You can also pre-order book 2:  Heart of Fire in hardcover or paperback

My How to Write a Gamebook series continues - there will be more on paragraphs on Wednesday (10/08/11) with genre and setting on Sunday (14/08/11)

Happy gamebooking!

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