Sunday, May 5, 2013

April A to Z - bonus interview.

Hello gamebookers!

Today we have an interview that I couldn't fit into the April A to Z.  This is from the two Steves who have iHero gamebooks and other gamebook series.
released their awesome gamebook range of

So without further ado, here is the interview.

Who you are and how you got into gamebooks?

You can find out about who we are on the website - lots of boring facts! We read the Steve Jackson/Ian Livingstone books as kids and enjoyed them. So when a publisher asked if we could come up with an interactive series to get boys reading we came up with iHero (and latterly Crime Team and Ihorror)

What you have done relating to gamebooks?

Twelve stand alone iHero. 2 lots of 4 quest books 4 crime team books and 4 i horror books! (and working on some more!)

What you plan on doing now related to gamebooks?

We are slowly getting these books into foreign markets - they ahve been translated into Dutch and French, with other publishers across the world being interested in the titles...

What you think the future of gamebooks is?

I think apps and digital media is the way forward! How cool will that be - they are already available as e books but I think even more interactivity will work brilliantly on these types of books...

You can read more about the two Steves at their website and buy books from their shop.

Happy gamebooking!

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