Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monster: Black Eyed Children

I enjoy listening to Binnall of America for my regular dose of esoterica.  I recently listened to the black eyed children episode where Tim Binnall talks to David Weatherly author of a book on black eyed children entitled The Black Eyed Children.

A typical black eyed children encounter involves a ragged child approaching an unsuspecting person, usually at their house but also on the street or in their car.  They usually do not answer questions but they usually ask to be invited in.  People have reported feeling as if they are being hypnotised by them an also think that the black eyed children have some skill in telepathy.  It is at that point that the victim notices that the child's eyes are completely black and feels an overwhelming sense of terror.  If the victim flees the scene, or closes the door on the child, returning to that place will reveal that the child has vanished.  Encounters with the black eyed children are often accompanied by smells of decaying flesh and the victim may experience upheaval in their life afterwards.  Being touched by the children usually results in illness that won't go away.

Some people have turned to religion after their encounters and black eyed children have not been known to approach members of the clergy.  Black eyed children will try to avoid combat.  If someone does not willingly let them in then they will usually try to teleport away.



LOCATION:  Anywhere

REACTION:  Hostile



SKILL:                      6

STAMINA:               4

LUCK:                      9

MAGIC:                    9


SKILLS: Magic-Wizardry (5), Magic Lore (5), Second Sight (5), Religion Lore (2),
Secret Signs (3), World Lore (5), Eldritch Lore (5),

TALENT:  Natural Mage.

SPELLS:  Beffudle (1),  Fear (1), Combine (+2), Concentrate (+2), ESP (2), Command (4), Teleport (6)

WEAPON:  Diseased touch:  Black eyed children are unarmed, but if they touch a living creature or inflict any damage upon them, that character will develop a disease within a week.  The black eyed children touch anyone they fight who does not kill them in one round.  This disease will cause them to lose 1 skill point.  Curing the disease will only last a week before they contract another disease which will reduce their stamina by 2.  If that disease is cured, then after another week, the character will contract the original disease that reduces their skill by 1 again and so on.  This process can only be stopped by a priest who has a devotion of at least 10 casting a bless spell on the character.

ARMOUR:  None.

SPECIAL:  Misfortune:  Anyone who is affected by a spell cast by a black eyed child or touched by a black eyed child will also lose 1 luck point.  Being the target of ESP does not count.  They may only lose a maximum of 1 luck point a day through this ability.

Immune to non magical weapons:  Normal weapons do not harm a black eyed child.  Reducing a black eyed child's stamina to 0 merely banishes it from the mortal realm.

 Planeswalk: Black eyed children can move between their realm and the material realm. This requires 6 magic points and 10 minutes of preparation time.

Holy weakness:  The magic, misfortune ability and the diseased touch of a black eyed child does not work on any character who has the Magic-Priestly skill or the Templar talent and follows a good god.

Banishment:  black eyed children can be banished back to their realm if certain gods or spirits are invoked but this is difficult.  Only a character with either Religion Lore and/or the Secret Signs skills can do this.  They must make a check which can use the bonus to Religion Lore and Secret Signs.  Priests of good gods get a further +2 bonus.However, there is also a -4 penalty because it is very difficult.  If the player succeeds, the black eyed child is banished.  If the player fails, then they are affected as if they had had the fear spell cast upon them (but they do not lose luck).


  1. Excellent podcast recommendation. Thanks for that. I live in France; one of the country's famous public strikes gave me the opportunity to listen to all two and a half hours of the show while I was trying to make my way back home today.

    I think conspiracy theorists are my obsession of the moment. Note that this is not the same as conspiracy THEORIES, which I view with great, great scepticism. No, I just love the people who approach the fortean world with such gusto. They're lovably insane.

    Major disadvantages with conspiracy theorists: -

    1) They're poor broadcasters. I'd prefer a tight forty-five minute show to a rambling two and a half hours. Plus I'm getting sick of broadcasters saying, 'It's kind of like, you know... uh... something that's sort of... like... you know...'

    2) Those I've listened to lately haven't been discriminating in their beliefs. UFOs? I believe. Sasquatch? Check. The Queen of England is a reptilian hybrid? Absolutely. Ghosts? Of course. The ghost of Sasquatch? Why not? Seems like they're quick to eat up every wacky notion on the menu.

    Still, it's fascinating stuff. I loved David Weatherly's story about how a buddy's phone used to phone him by itself. My own iPhone did that for a while. In one night, it phoned one of my friends five times, and my boss twice. All while I was asleep next to it.

    Alien influence? Or was it just because I'd got it a bit wet a few days earlier? Who can say...?

    I should really go over to David Weatherly's blog and make some of these points. But I'm just a bit too scared...

    1. Binnall is good for not taking it all in. I think the Corbett report is a good succinct conspiract theory podcast that doesn't go too crazy with the aliens, but I stopped listening after it got a bit too samey. All New World Order this and Elite that. Still, it's worth a try.

      Paratopia is another good podcast. It is over now, but I think the episodes are still around. These guys have had experiences but don't jump on to any one bandwagon about them and really rip into most groups such as exopolitics and the guy who tried to hypnotise someone via Skype. Awesome stuff.

    2. Oh, and Stephen Greer and David Icke are always entertaining. I you fancy completely far out stories, head on over to

      I watched their pre 2009 interviews which are full of great stories. I got bored after that.

  2. I'm really enjoying these monstrous creature write-ups you've been doing, Stuart. I like that they are more than the typical "hack and slash" enemy, having unique behaviors and unusual, creepy goals.

    Once you gather a few more of these, you might consider collating them all into a supplement book you could sell ;)

    1. I'm glad you like them! I'm out of them at the moment, but I will give more a go. I didn't do the classic greys because there are so many versions of them (are they robots? Are they malevolent? Are they extra dimensional or from another planet or future humans) but I will get round to it. Other candidates include the nordics and the reptillians. Good times.