Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beyond the Pit preview (Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition)

Hello sexy reader.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  Today, I bring you a late Christmas present.  As you may know, Out of the Pit 2 (known as Beyond the Pit) was funded on Kickstarter earlier in the year.  Its release is imminent, but today I give you a tantalizing sample of what is to come.  Here are two pages of the forthcoming release.

As you can see, the book features the monsters from various Fighting Fantasy books.  The stats of the monsters also include Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition rules.  It looks like between Out of the Pit and Andrew Wright's new release, that every monster from Fighting Fantasy will have been featured.  And that is something to celebrate.

If you don't return before New Year, have a happy new year!


  1. Ooo, very cool. I also love being the sexy reader for once.

  2. I'm really glad that AFF publications keep coming!
    Now we probably need some more adventure module!

  3. Hi Stuart, looking forward to receiving my copy. I'm afraid though that several further volumes will be needed to cover ALL the creatures that occur in FF - BtP is only a selection of those not covered in OOTP.

  4. It's great to see these ambitious projects come to fruition - however, even better if Wizard Books publish Beyond the Pit in book form. Andrew Wright has done some fine work here!