Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another test for If This Then That

Hi all!  I'm just doing another test on If This Then That.  I haven't yet realised its full potential.  However, this week, I realised that most forums have feeds, so now posts from the Fighting Fantazine, Project Aon and AFF2 from Arion games forums will appear on The Gamebook Feed.

I've also used If This Then That to link the feed of this blog to Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook (my group and my page), Flickr, LinkedIn and Reddit.

A lot of those accounts I have created and not done anything with for ages, if at all, so I am glad that If This Then That is around to help me.  It is amazing for posting things to multiple platforms.

I am doing this after reading Crush it!  by Gary Vaynerchuk, a short and very informative and helpful book on how to build your brand and reach as many people as possible.  I read the book on the recommendation of the guest from this episode of the Art of Charm podcast (an excellent podcast).  The guest recommends some books (in the resources part at the end of the show notes if you don't want to listen to it) and I have read most of them and they have been a great help.

In other news, are you reading this year's Windhammer entries?

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  1. Hasn't worked on Wordpress and I'm not sure if it's worked on Reddit. Otherwise, we're in action!