Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Computer game - World Conquest from Wisisoft

Hello gamebookers! I'm going to talk about World Conquest a game that I think is super obscure, yet has a special place in my heart.

World Conquest is basically a really simple version of Civilisation with only warfare involved. You get a map of the word where there are cities, resources (metal, rubber, oil) and instillations (airfields and harbours). The aim is to produce army, navy and air units to take over the world. Cities need 1 rubber, 1 oil and 1 metal per turn. Army units can be carried in transport ships but they can only enter them on cities or harbours and aircraft have to land in cities or airfields to refuel or they crash.

I first found it on an ST format cover disc ages ago and enjoyed playing it then. Recently, I found a video of someone playing it on Youtube and asked them how they got it. I downloaded it myself and played it, but got horribly trounced, because I'd left the skill setting on quite high (I don't think my version had a skill setting)

The game suffers from the problems that the objective is to destroy every city, installation, resource and unit that belongs to everyone else whilst making it easier to defend than attack. This resulted in most games being very long and involving you spending time first gathering resources, then building units to defend your territory, then finally build up a huge invasion force to wage a slow war of attrition against your enemy.

However, it does have charm for being simple and diverting enough. It had a couple of nice quirks - you could play as the only side to see how long it would take you to conquer the world, or you could play as two humans and build up huge forces to unleash on one another. I enjoyed this.

I would love to find a game similar to world conquest in app form as it is simple to learn and play.

Happy gamebooking!

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