Sunday, March 1, 2015

Windhammer 2015 guidelines out

Hello gamebookers! Just a quick post to say that the guidelines for the 2015 Windhammer competition are out. The entries aren't actually open until August, but this is a good time to get started.

The rules don't seem much different - still a 100 section adventure of up to 25000 words on 40 A4 pages. Illustrations are allowed if they are maps or relevant to puzzles and you can have any genre except erotica( Silkwords can cover that).

If you want to enter, but the idea of writing and organising the sections then randomising them sound a little daunting, then the Gamebook Authoring Tool can do 100 section books for free.

And if you want to see the kind of gamebooks that get written for the Windhammer competition, you can find the archive here and read some really in depth reviews from Brewin here.

So start your brainstorming and writing so that you have the chance to win 300 Australian dollars and see your gamebook as an app made by Tin Man Games.

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