Saturday, March 12, 2016

Alexis Smolensk is selling an adventure and also things related to his new novel

Good day to you gamebookers! Today, I want to make you aware of an opportunity available to you. Alexis Smolensk on the Tao of DnD blog

I have written about the Tao of DnD before and the blog has only got better for me since I found it. Alexis produces very detailed and thoughtful posts on all aspects of roleplaying, DMing and world building and I have found them extremely useful. He has also made a wiki of his work which you can search to help you with your roleplaying experience and he has produced the first episode of a podcast.
I have bought all of his books on roleplaying and I have also found them very helpful, especially for when I was running a scanario for the first time when I went to Fighting Fantasy Fest. Alexis has also written a novel and has one on the way.

Speaking of novels and adventures, Alexis currently has a jumpstart proposal where 10 CAD (about 5.40 GBP or 7.60 USD)  gets you his latest adventure, Ternketh Keep. More money gets you rewards related to his latest novel which will be out about June.

Here is the breakdown of his rewards:
  • For $10, I will provide an online copy of my latest gaming adventure, Ternketh Keep.
  • For $15, Added to the above, I will also provide plans to the Airship I've created.
  • For $25, Added to the above, I will also give as a bonus an 80-page preview to my book, no less than two weeks prior to the official publishing date of the novel.
  • For $50, Added to the above, I will handle the purchasing and sending of the book as soon as the book is published.
  • For $75, Added to the above, the copy received by the reader will be personally signed by me, along with a gamer girl t-shirt (as long as supplies and sizes last).
  • For $100, Added to the above, I am prepared to work the reader's name into the novel, promising at least one story significant line (as long as unused characters remain).
To be honest, the value that he provides for free on his blog was enough for me to make a donation (and if you want somewhere to start, check out his most popular posts on the right hand side), but this just adds more goodness to the mix.

So go and check out his blog and make a donation for all the useful material he provides.

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