Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More changes to SCRAWL

Hello all. It's update time again. In my quest to simplify SCRAWL, I've made a few changes. These are in the light of playtesting and a quest to remove needless complication.

Bards get 1xp extra per monster slain, even if they are in a group (before you just got 1xp for the grou, but that was needlessly complicated and mean).

Wondrous items give 1 reroll for a test against 1 stat.

Here's the biggie: Wizard spells no longer give auto success. In fact, I've got rid of anything that gives auto success. Also, the Prowess spell only rerolls 1 melee combat or ranged combat roll. To balance it, wizard spells affect more skill rolls. All spells affect 2 types of ability tests or 1 type of ability test and have 1 other effect at least. I was thinking of balancing a wizard out by giving them more Will points, but I played Orc boss and It's not my Vault and the wizard did fine on 3 Will with the new spells. So maybe the wizard was too strong.

You can get SCRAWL and all of its products for PWYW from RPG Now. I woul be very grateful to anyone who can take the time to review it.

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