Saturday, April 29, 2017

#AtoZChallenge V is for very large numbers of gamebook stuff

Hello all! Here are more links in the world of gamebooks.

Tunnels and Trolls is an awsome RPG system which I have loved for many years. The classic solo Arena of Khazan has been updated and rereleased on RPGNow.

It was also Ken St. Andre's birthday yesterday, so be sure to wish the creator of Tunnels and Trolls happy birthday!

If you fancy writing your own gamebook, try out GBAT! - the Gamebook Authoring Tool.

Also, Dave Morris is still very active on the Fabled Lands blog, so check out all of his AWESOME stuff.

Also, check out Delight Games and Unimatrix Productions.

Also, Ivailo Daskalov has written the Hwarang and Kumiho an awesome gamebook app.

J Pingo Lingstrom is writing some awesome gamebooks for the Random Solo Adventure series.

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