Saturday, July 24, 2021

July round up and August news

 Hi all! It's been a busy few weeks, but I've found a calmer time now and I can give you a roundup of the latest.

Crom the Gamebook

William Caddell has created a gamebook based on the Crom the Barbarian comics. In this book, you get to choose what happens in the Crom the Barbarian stories.

Ronin 47

Jonathan Green is doing an ACE Gamebooks Kickstarter for Ronin 47 - a mech vs Kaiju gamebook. It is almost funded now.

Coming up in August

Interactive Fiction and Gamebooks Discussion Group

August's book is the Steam Highwayman series from Martin Noutch.

International Gamebook Day

International Gamebook day is on the 27th August! You can see what's going on in the Facebook group.

Midsommer Murders gamebook

A Midsommer Murders gamebook will be out in September.

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