Sunday, November 21, 2021

Magic the Gathering equipment revisited

 A while ago, I did a post on Magic the Gathering equipment I would wear as an adventurer.

Since that was 5 years ago, I thought I would do an update.

Previous: Adventuring Gear

Now: Skyclave Pickaxe

As with Bonesplitter, Wizards decided that some abilities are too strong to stick on a creature for 2 colorless mana and a common card. Aside from the fact that you can attach skyclave pickaxe for 1 mana, it is more expensive and difficult to use. That 1 mana has to be green and it needs to be attached for 2G.

Howver, a pick is always useful for mining, climbing, or, at a pinch, as a weapon.

Previous: Trailblazer's Boots.

Now: Swiftfoot Boots

Wizards doesn't go in for landwalk any more. It's either does nothing or makes a creature unblockable and this is bad for the game either way. Swiftfoot boots grant Haste, which is helpful and also Hexproof which stops opponents from targeting the creature, but the creature's controller can target it. This is an upgrade from Shroud.

Previous: Explorer's Scope

Now: Sword of the Animist

Sword of the Animist is way more effective than Explorer's Scope.

Then: Blazing Torch

Now: Delver's Torch

Delver's Torch is more of a power boost and allows you to venture into the dungeon when you attack.

Then: Grappling Hook

Now: Rogue's Gloves

Now I can steal some stuff with my gloves.

Then: Sword of Fire and Ice

Now: Haunted Cloak

Cool as sword of fire and ice is, I have a new sword and I need a new cloak.

Previous: Viridian Longbow

Now: Ranger's Longbow

Wizards also doesn't go in for creatures that tap to deal damage. They usually cost them right, but they messed up combat maths, turning the game into a mental exercise for an attacking player. A ranger's longbow gives a power and toughness boost and allows me to block flying creatures.

I also have a soft spot for rangers as I played a ranger in my first roguelike game (Moria). I eventually killed the Balrog with a level 37 ranger after lots of save-scumming.

Previous: Heartseeker

Now: Spare Dagger

Heartseeker is probably not going to get reprinted, so I'll go for the smaller, spare dagger.

Previous: Darksteel Plate

Now: Plate Armour

Wizards did a DnD themed set recently, so this is what heavy armour looks like now. It gives a bonus to power and toughness and has a Ward mechanic which increases the costs more to target it.

Previous: Whispersilk Cloak

Now: Prowler's Helm

Shroud is no longer in use because it didn't work how people wanted it to. Shroud meant that a creature couldn't be targeted. However, players always assumed that they could target their own creature. Wizards worked out that games are more fun when they let people play in a more intuitive way, so they replaced it with hexproof.

Prowler's Helm is the new version. Not completely unbockable, but I guess walls don't care if you are invisible.

So if you take me as a 0/1 creature, with the equipment, I am an 8/7 creature with Haste, Hexproof, Trample, Reach, Ward 1 and Vigilance. I cannot be blocked, except by walls. When I attack, I can sacrifice my dagger to deal 1 damage to a creature, search for a basic land, delve into the dungeon and if I deal damage I draw a card. If a land enters the battlefield, I get +2/+2, which combos with the Sword of the Animist. This means that every time I attack, I will get +2/+2 from the land I search up.

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