Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Submissions are now closed for the 2023/2024 Lindenbaum competition

Hello all! 

Submissions have now closed for the 2023/2024 Lindenbaum competition.

I am excited to say that we have 8 entries for this year's competition. The entries will be made available on the 1st March when voting opens. 

Votes need to be sent to Each voter must submit 3 books. If they submit less than 3, their votes won't count. If they submit more than 3, the first 3 will count.

Voting will close at 5pm GMT on the 30th April 2024.

Happy gamebooking!

Saturday, February 3, 2024

GNAT adventure gamebooks released

I first found out about the GNAT system with the Lindenbaum 2023 entry Escape from the Tower of the Stars (found here - Escape_from_the_Tower_of_Stars.pdf (

Now we have more gamebooks released using that system, created by David Donachie.

GNAT is described as:

"...a rules system for solo adventures that emphasises speed of play and minimal record keeping.

GNAT defines your adventurous character with two numbers: Talent and Vitality. Talent covers both your luck and expertise, while Vitality measures your will to survive and capacity to endure harm. A limited pool of Fortune allows you to cheat the odds.

GNAT requires two six-sided dice."

The core rules are here - David Donachie's Website : GNAT Rules Reference ( They are short and versatile, covering most common situations that adventurers come across.

Temple of the Skull God by Paul Partington

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Sky, a land of adventure and opportunity. Discover the secrets of the lost city, hidden in the teeming jungle. Explore remote islands with fierce monsters and even fiercer warriors. Face evil demons in their underwater temple. Challenge a mighty dragon who is laying waste to the countryside. And finally, if you are brave and resourceful enough, confront the priests of the death god before they can bring ruin to the kingdom.

In this adventure gamebook you decide where to explore, which dangers to face and which quests to pursue. With over five hundred sections and a complete game system, are you brave enough to enter the temple of the skull god?

You can get the PDF from Drive Thru: Temple of the Skull God - GNAT Adventure Gamebooks |

You can get the paperback from Amazon: Temple of the Skull God: A GNAT Adventure Gamebook: Partington, Paul: 9798873830152: Books

You can get the keywords list from here: Temple_of_the_skull_god_checklist.pdf (

Grave of the Kraken by David Donachie

In a world only just recovering from the devastating wizard's war, you are given the task of brokering peace between two rival city states, but the road to Heldad bears dangers you could never anticipate, and an evil rising from the war-torn past.

This game is set in the World of Paldoria and is compatible with all other Paldoria adventures.

You can get the PDF from Drive Thru Grave of the Kraken - GNAT Adventure Gamebooks | DriveThruRPG

You can get the paperback from Amazon: Grave of the Kraken: Donachie, David M: 9798875974021: Books 

You can get the keywords list from here:

City State of Treysham by David Donachie

Treysham, city of Mages, city of the golden towers, has opened its gates after the long war and ushered in a new age of prosperity and madness. Emboldened, you can seek fortune in the ruins, glory in the arena, or death amongst its insane wizards.

City State of Treysham is designed as a hub adventure to be played between other Paldoria games. A place to resupply, gain XP, and accumulate rumours that will lead you to other games.

This game is set in the World of Paldoria and is compatible with all other Paldoria adventures.

You can get the PDF for free here City_State_of_Treysham.pdf (

The paperback is coming soon.