Friday, September 1, 2023

Want to write a gamebook? Then here's a reading list (2023 edition)

Hello all! I first published the reading list back in 2017, but then realised that some people have written articles since then, so I will repost this reading list with updates every year. Here is the 2023 version. 

Whassup! Here is the fruits of my labours on a little project I was working on. I wanted to collect a definitive  list of gamebook analysis that anyone who wants to write a gamebook has to read. So far, I have come up with the following blog posts and links to give you a good grounding in the art and science of gamebook writing. Enjoy!

EDIT: The links weren't working because I had pasted hyperlinks in from a Word document (!?) but I have re-inserted the links so they should all work now.

Grey Wiz

Ashton MacSaylor: What makes a good gamebook - Part Two: The Game of Narrative Choices (

Sam Kabo Ashwell

Jake Care

Paul Gresty

Fabled Lands: Gamebooks: the value of doing it with dialogue

Richard S. Hetley

Jon Green write-adventure- gamebook-part-1.html

Heather Albano from Choice of Games

Adam Strong-Morse from Choice of Games

Dan Fubilich from Choice of Games for-designing- great-stats/

Emily Short

Peter Agapov 

Just about anything on his blog. It's all so in depth.