Friday, March 4, 2011

What's going down?

Ok, I admit, I said I would update weekly, but there has been a lot of fab new stuff this week, so I will blog the news today and then write about Fabled Lands on Sunday.


Wayne Densley at the Chronicles of Arborell has released the guidelines for the 2011 Windhammer Prize.  

I love the Windhammer Prize for several reasons.  First of all, it helped reignite my love of gamebooks.  I entered the first one in 2008 because I had some spare time. However, after receiving feedback from readers, I realised that people are interested in gamebooks.  

I now believe that my first attempts at writing gamebooks were not good.  Determined to make my system fair, I forgot about description, cool items, characterisation and storyline.  Thanks to Windhammer, I got feedback on what I need to improve on as well as a good idea about what people like by reading the winning entries.  

I took their feedback on board and became determined to make sure my gamebooks were better, which led to Sharkbait's Revenge.  

All the previous entries are here   including my first two attempts at the competition.  

You have until September 7th to submit a 100 paragraph gamebook which is no longer than 40 pages.  I would love for as many people to enter as I always like reading these new gamebooks as they are always of high quality and innovative.  

I heard about this competition thanks to the Grognardia blog.  It looks really interesting and I'd like to give it a shot.  The guidelines for the competition, along with the previous entries, are here.

Gamebook releases

Catacombs of the Undercity is now available from iTunes (since when was it OK for names to not start with a capital letter?).  The book is written by Andrew Wright (whose names do start with capital letters), writer of the Fantasy Gamebook Blog.  Give the blog a good read and buy the app.

I have received my copy of Destiny Quest and look forward to getting stuck into it this weekend.  

Blogosphere stuff

Jonathan Green answers all the questions from his fans in a new vlog.

After having a twitter account for ages, I've decided to do some tweeting.  My Twitter page is

I'll see you on Sunday!  :).

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