Sunday, November 13, 2011

Windhammer Competition review part 1 - Rulers of the NOW

Hi all.  I'm copying Andrew Wright by talking about my entry to the Windhammer competition.  In my case, I have made two vlogs with my opinions about my entry, Rulers of the NOW.  The first one was made before I knew the results of the Windhammer competition and the second one was made after I knew the results and I had received the feedback from various readers.

Once again, I would like to congratulate Andrew Wright, Zachary Carango and Ashton Saylor for receiving their rewards.

I have learnt a lot from the Windhammer process.  I think the main lesson that I have learnt from the varied and sometimes contradictory opinions I received is that there is no such thing as the perfect gemebook.  I want to write more about this, because I think my article about gamebook player types does not cover all the needs of the people who play gamebooks but it was a good realisation that no one gamebook is going to appeal to everyone.

I want to write Rulers of the NOW as a full 666 paragraph gamebook and when I started the project, I wanted it to have EVERYTHING.  I now realise that this train of thought was actually slowing me down because when I wrote a paragraph, I was worried that it would not appeal to a certain type of gamebook player.  However it dawned on me that any gamebook paragraph ever written would not appeal to 100% of gamebook players.  This realisation will inspire me to just get on with it and write a gamebook that I want to do with less thought into pleasing everyone.

I have put my comments in video form because I will not write any spoilers that you will accidentally read.  Instead, you can play the books then play the videos.

Here is my video before the results::

Here is the video, post results:

Next week, I'll be writing about some other entries to the Windhammer Competition.

Happy gamebooking!

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