Monday, November 28, 2011

Photos for inspiration

A flock of Starlings enjoying the sunset.
So I went to Brighton this weekend to see some friends.  Brighton is a vibrant and attractive town by the sea and I enjoy visiting it very much.  As well as watching the starlings fly in formation near the pier, enjoying a night on the town and scoffing the HUGE tasty Sunday roasts that The Foundry pub has to offer, I also did some gamebook related stuff.

First, I'd like to thank the staff of the Games Workshop in Brighton for their help when I enquired about buying Hive of the Dead.  They were very accommodating and I would have signed up to Black Library  then if I wasn't also looking for a restaurant to book.

African ceremonial swords.
On Sunday, I went to the ostentatious Royal Pavillion followed by the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.  At the museum, I took several pictures of the exhibits.  There were African weapons, armour and jewellery as well  as an Ancient Egyptian exhibit.  

I took pictures of some of the items thinking that they would give me some good ideas for items in gamebooks.  These items have character and they provide me with inspiration for my gamebooks.  

I have done this on a few holidays and I now have a large collection of photos of weapons, outfits, jewellery, armour and art items from many different cultures.  

I then had a thought - what if I organise and publicise these photos for everyone to use and add to.  These photos could be used for inspiration in RPG campaigns for treasure, magical items, weapons, armour, outfits and many more.  

African treasure box.
I have started an account of Flickr, which I will be adding my photos to it as time goes on.  I will be doing this with the intention of giving fantasy writers and RPG referees historical based ideas for their campaigns.

If anyone would like to add any photos to it please email  

The account can be found at

This Sunday, I'll be writing about my inspirations for Rulers of the NOW.  Until then, happy gamebooking!  

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