Friday, March 2, 2012

The A to Z of why gamebooks are great

Good morrow to you all!  I feel compelled to make yet another blog post riding on the back of the great Windhammer announcement.

I am going to do the April A to Z challange again.

Last year, when I wrote about one gamebook villain per day, I opened up the gamebook genre to many people and got myself several new followers and page views.  People said that they liked the posts but they had very little idea about what a gamebook is.

So this year, I aim to write posts that do not require much gamebook knowldege.  I got my idea from Tin Man Games with their post 2012 - the year of the gamebook.  I then realised that there was tons of great gamebook stuff going on.  It seems that there was some wonderful gamebook news or product every week - from Infinite Universe to Fighting Fantazine to Ian Livingstone's 30 year anniversary book.

So I will devote my A to Z to showing everyone just how wonderful gamebooks are.  Here is my list:

Choice of Games
Discussion forums
Excalibur Junior (Grailquest)
Gamebook Adventures
Harkuna and the Fabled Lands
Jasan Barnett
Kleptomaniac Heroes
Lone Wolf
Tunnels N Trolls
Own Adventure (as in choose your)
Pirate gamebooks that took a while to be released (Jonathan Green)
Quest, Destiny
Readers (here, here and here)
Spin offs (here, here and here)
Undead filled new Fighting Fantasy books (Ian Livingstone's 30th Anniversary book)
Very comprehensive Gamebook websites
Windhammer competition
Xhoromag and other gamebook programs
Zhu Bhajee

Until then, happy gamebooking!


  1. This is going to be an awesome series. I'm looking forward to it, Stuart!

  2. Thanks Ashton. I'm looking forward to writing it.

  3. This is one A-Z that I will definitely be reading.

  4. Also looking forward to it - there's so much great stuff going on :)

  5. @David Macauley and Paul Smith: Many thanks guys! Are you doing A to Z?

  6. No I'm fairly new to this blogging thing and nowhere near your prolific standard :)

  7. Me neither. I did it last year and didn't quite make it to the end, although I enjoyed the process.

  8. @Paul - Many thanks for calling me prolific.

    I'd recommend the A to Z as a reader as well as a writer as it is a great way to get more followers and discover more great blogs in the blogosphere.