Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to Immediately Save £149.99 (Plus £30 Postage and Packaging)

The 28th Lone Wolf book, the last of the Lone Wolf books to be published back in the 90s, was called 'The Hunger of Sejanoz'. If you go to eBay and type in 'hunger of sejanoz', you'll see something like this: -

Pricey, no? But wait, there's an alternative.

If you're reading the Lloyd of Gamebooks blog you probably already know what Project Aon is. This is a massive fan-driven undertaking to re-edit and make available online - for free, mind - every single one of the Lone Wolf gamebooks, all with the blessing of the books' author, Joe Dever.

Now here's the big news: a couple of weeks ago, book 28 went online. This means that EVERY SINGLE LONE WOLF GAMEBOOK (to date) is now available. And so are the (fantastic) World of Lone Wolf books, featuring the Shianti wizard Grey Star. And so is a miscellany of other works by Joe Dever - the Magnamund Companion, the Combat Heroes books, the first of Dever's Freeway Warrior series.

Immediately. For free. Online or in ebook format.

This is a truly Herculean project that has, I believe, taken about a decade to accomplish. To everybody at Project Aon: thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all my heroes. I would gladly give each and every one of you a big, wet kiss on the cheek.

So go, dear reader. Go over to the Project Aon website. Read these books now.

Oh, by the way, that eBay listing for Lone Wolf 28 asks for £30 in postage and packaging? Man alive, that's steep. I guess that must cover the cost of the Korlinium wrapping paper, to stop the Helghasts at the post office sensing the book's true worth.

(Post by Paul Gresty)


  1. If I'm buying a mass market paperback book for £150 quid, I'd want it to arrive safe and sound. I presume the £30 p&p is for hand delivery by ninjas?

    Oh, yes, and Project Aon is fantastic (as is Joe Dever for permitting fans to access his work, forever).

  2. Project AON is a great website, a tribute to the late, great Joe Dever and proof that he was a regular guy, not interested in chintzing fans of his creation.

    1. Ironically, by making his books free online, I expect that more people read them and then bought physical books, so they increased sales.