Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stuff that's happened, stuff that will happen.

There is a new gamebook blog on the web.  Jaoa Maia has started a blog where we all play a gamebook together by voting on the options.  Owen at Fighting Fantasist has also done this before and it can be good fun.

My copy of Advanced Fighting Fantasy arrived yesterday and I've been flicking through it and enjoying the new material inside it.  I will be posting a review on it in June after I have digested it properly.  I have enjoyed my initial read through immensely though and I recommend that you buy it (along with the reprints of Titan and Out of the Pit if you do not already have copies of them) or try to win a copy from Alex, editor of Fighting Fantazine.

So what am I posting for the rest of May?  On Sunday 16th May, I'll be posting my article on why Zagor is actually a hero rather than a villain, accidentally advertised a while ago.  On the 22nd May, I will post a review on the latest paper gamebook to hit our shelves, the brilliant Destiny Quest.  And on the 29th May I'll be posting a topic linked to a special event that is happening on that day.  :).

Have a good week, until my next post on Sunday.


  1. It appears that my post went missing for a bit and I couldn't get my dashboard. This is a wake up call for me to back up all of my posts onto word in case something really bad happens.

  2. I'm curious about that Destiny Quest book, but nowadays I'm too lazy to play gamebooks the "old" way, I hope they release it for Kindle.