Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ten Magic the Gathering pieces of equipment I would use if I were an adventurer

If I were an adventurer, however, I would take different items than if I were a wizard.  All of these items are equipment cards from Magic the Gathering.

Everything but the
kitchen sink.
Every adventurer needs adventuring gear.  you know the stuff.  Ten provisions, a waterskin, rope, a mirror (how many times do they come in useful?), a warm cloak and a bag of gold in order to see them through their journey.  

Adventurers also need sturdy and adaptable clothes to see them through their long overland travels.  If they are able to go through the lesser known harder trails, they will be able to avoid hostile encounters.

Bob was prepared for
power cuts.
If you're not trading these with gnomes for dragon artefacts, a good telescope will show you that you are heading in the right direction or give you plenty of warning that something is approaching.

As an adventurer, you will explore many dark places that may be infested with undead.  The bright light of your blazing torch will keep them at bay.  If you get desperate, you can fling it at an opponent in an attempt to kill them.

Adventurers always need to scale things and a grappling hook can help them do that.  They can also use it as an extra weapon in order to ensnare and wound opponents.

Every warrior hopes for a mighty sword and you don't get much mightier than this.  Plus what is cooler than attacking someone with fire and ice at the same time?

You will need a bow for hunting or in order to inflict damage on enemies from a long distance.  

This is a dagger that every adventurer hopes for.  If it is thrown it will never miss.  Chadda Darkmane definitely found a similar dagger useful in his adventures.  

Comes with fairy lights.
Every adventurer appreciates good armour and you don't get much better than darksteel.  

Finally, adventurers always have to sneak around places and a cloak of invisibility is just what they need.  

There we go.  So if we take me as a 0/1 Creature - human, after equipping myself with all those goodies, I am now a 4/4 indestructable, unblockable creature with double strike and shroud.  In addition, I can tap to deal 1 damage to a creature or player, unnattach the heartseeker to kill a creature, or sacrifice my torch to deal 2 damage to a creature or player.

When I attack, I have the chance of finding and new land and I can select a creature that can block me, or, if I decide to not be blocked, I can draw a card and deal 2 damage to target creature or player, putting my opponent on a 2 turn clock (4 first strike damage, 4 regular damage, 2 damage from the Sword of Fire and Ice).  Nice.  I can't be killed by anything other than sacrifice effects or non targeted effects that remove me from the game.

What equipment would you like to use?

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  1. Awesome selection! Me, I'm thinking less warrior, more starting off explorer, so lemme think...
    It's a tough call, but I'd swap trailblazer for Swiftfoot Boots. Trail fits more thematically, but swift is just allround better -nothing quite like a hit&run away approach!
    Still, how will they tackle those long journeys? Ok now I know it's not equipment, but a means of locomotion is a must! I'd say a Tarpan is a good starting steed: for the more diminutively oriented...I'm going for a Warclamp Mastiff. I'd have to say bye to my Heartseeker to make room -Grappling hook might need so it stays.
    Ditto for Blazing Torch, Adventuring Gear and Whispersilk Cloak: all great choices that need to stay.
    Instead of the bow I'd much rather have a crossbow...but unbelievably, I cannot find such as an equippable! So my intrepid explorer will have to spend some time on archery: I'd love to have some means of cooking food such as Bubbling Cauldron, but guess a good old campfire will have to do!
    I'll swap the scope with an Expedition Map -probably spend a good bob on a reliable one, and then once I've explored and returned with riches it'll be all worth it!
    Now, the sword...hhhmmm...I'd have to go Loxodon Warhammer, got a soft spot for it. Plus always good to regain that lost health! darnit i cannot find some suitable lightweight armour!! So I'll say my family heirloom is a Magebane Armor and I've donned it on, off to adventure!!

    But now I'm intrigued: what would you equip your wizard with? Mind you equipments only, no enchants -since I veered away with one item guess one enchant/whatever? And obviously no metal!