Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top 25 tweeters

I am flattering Scott Malthouse here by imitating his 25 Twitter accounts that you need to follow post by providing you with my own list of Twitter accounts.  So, in no particular order...

@Tw33t_RPG:  This account has bought gamebooks to twitter.  Follow this account to take part in the latest epic online gamebook.

@MirabilisDave:  The Twitter feed for Dave Morris, who has written or co written Fabled Lands, Dragon Warriors, the Knightmare gamebooks, the Heroquest gamebooks and several Virtual Reality gamebooks.  

@choiceofgames:  Choice of Games are a series of gamebooks in app form that range from you playing a dragon to a sailor and many other things in between.

@jamie_fry:  Author of the Fighting Fantasy collector website and editor of the official Fighting Fantasy site.

@TinManGames:  The feed for the creators of the brilliant Gamebook Adventure series.

@Gallicus:  Feed for the editor of the brilliant Fighting Fantazine.

@jonathangreen:  Writer of several Fighting Fantasy books, Doctor Who books and many more.

@Marc_Gascoigne:  Mark has written Battleblade Warrior, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy series and the Fighting Fantasy novels.

@AdviceToWriters:  Offers concise words of wisdom from famous authors.  

@radioovermoscow:  Feed for the author of the amusing and entertaining Fighting Dantasy blog.

@MicaByteS:  A company that produces great app games such as Pirates and Traders.  You can go to the website here.

@KoboldQuarterly:  Kobold Quarterly is an RPG magazine I enjoy.

Now that is one awesome cover,
thanks to Graphiczx design.
@adventurecow:  Adventure Cow is a website dedicated to making Choose Your Own Adventure style gamebook apps.  You can find one of my creations there, The Path to Greatness.

@Fantasticmaps:  The name does exactly what it says on the tin and that is to provide fantastic maps.

@graphiczxdesign:  This is an excellent graphics design company that were very helpful in making a cover for the full version of Rulers of the NOW.  

@MonteJCooke:  Feeds for the creator of the awesome Iron Heroes RPG.

@Negativethac0:  Tweets from a psychologist and gamer.

@destiny_quest:  The Feed for Michael J. Ward's Destiny Quest series which will be having a new addition next year.

@CrymsonKnight:  Feed for Shane Garvey, one of the authors of the Fabled Lands RPG, amongst other things.  He works with Greywood Publishing.

@blogcastfm:  Blogcast FM is a podcast full of useful information on how to create a successful blog from the people who have done it themselves.

@TheDrabblecast:  A great podcast of wierd tales.

@SJGames:  The feed for Steve Jackson, co creator of Fighting Fantasy writer of Scorpion Swamp, Demons of the Deep and Robot Commando , president of Steve Jackson Games and creator of many games such as Illuminati.

He may also be known as the 'other' Steve Jackson to Fighting Fantasy fans (as opposed to the Steve Jackson who co founded Fighting Fantasy) and a source of confusion to at least one person (me) about which one is which.  Thanks to @FightingFantasy  for pointing that out to me.

@denofgeek:  News and reviews on sci fi and fantasy shows.

@majordufus:  Feed of Graham Bottley, author of 2nd edition Advanced Fighting Fantasy.

@scottmalt:  Writer and gamer with all Things Tunnels and Trolls related.  I love Tunnels and Trolls.  It's a flexible RPG system with many solitaire adventures.  Scott's blog is the Trollish Delver.

Actually it's 26...

Since writing, I have found out that Ian Livingstone, co founder of Fighting Fantasy also has a Twitter account @Ian_Livingstone.

So there we go.  Twitter is a great tool for networking and finding out what is going on with the people you follow.  For example, did you know that Ian Livingstone is penning a new Fighting Fantasy book?  Twitter told me.

And finally, it seems quite simple to get almost 1.5 million followers on twitter.  The secret is to be a cat as @Sockington will show us.

Until next week, happy gamebooking!

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