Sunday, December 4, 2011

Windhammer Review part 4 - Above the Waves by Zachary Carango

Fariness of dice

Champion appeal
The path to victory is not too easy – the trick is finding the correct path that matches your skills.  As is the case with Virtual Reality books, you can challenge yourself by having fewer skills.  There is also the challenge with dealing with the problems that your background produces.

Explorer appeal
The system is very similar to the virtual reality game system which means that you can start the book with a different set of skills and a different background and then try to find a new route which is optimal for your character choice.  There is a lot of exploration value in playing a gamebook that maximises your character choices.

Puzzle solver appeal
The main puzzle is working out which combination of skills and items is the best for your choices.

Storyteller appeal
Having a choice of skills and backgrounds allows you to have control over the story of your character. 
The world in the book is very detailed and you get to see many aspects of it – goons, pirates, rebels, sheiks, workers.  The world is ripe for adventure and exploration. 

Who I voted for
This year, I voted for Peledgathol, the Last Fortress for its strategy system and having a story where you have to make difficult choices and A strange Week for King Melchion the Despicable for its puzzles and story with a great twist.

I loved reading all of the Windhammer entries and I found it very hard to make my decision.  My vote is made purely based on which two I enjoyed playing the most.  

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