Thursday, February 2, 2012

More online gamebooky goodness

Good evening to you all!  I hope you are well.  Well this will make things even better.  Here's the first good thing.  In case you didn't know, the Chronicles of Arborell website runs a gamebook competition every year where people get to enter short gamebooks to be judged.  I always enjoy reading the excellent entries.  This year, I especially enjoyed Peledgathol, the Last Fortress, written by Ashton Saylor who also wrote The Gates of Heaven and Hell in the previous year.

Well, Ashton has put his gamebooks on his blog and, in addition to his Windhammer entries, there are two more, as yet unseen gambooks on his page.

One, The Grimlock's Cave is a Fighting Fantasy adventure that also uses some Sorcery! spells.  The second new book, Castle of Bones is a poignant tale where you must destroy an evil sorceress who has killed most of your family and taken your castle.

All of Ashton's gamebooks are worth a read as is his blog and his games page.

In other news, ever since Scott Malthouse  and his Trollish friends introduced me to some great public domain art websites ( and to use for Temple of the Fool God, I've been really enjoying looking through the pictures.  Thanks guys!

Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson are giving away Frankenstein's Legions away for free for a limited period.

And finally, Tin Man Games is releasing a Scifi gamebook!

It seems that Neil Rennison is right when he said that 2012 will be the year of the gamebook.

Happy gamebooking!