Saturday, November 30, 2013

Legacy of Benedos

Hi, gamebookers!  I'm having a bit of an Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition   obsession at the moment.  I have just put together a scenario that grew out of one I ran on the official Fighting Fantasy forum a few years back (before it got overrun with spam and it had to be deleted and resurrected).  I've slimmed it down, and I may do some other edits and/or playtests in the future, but it is servicable at the moment.  It is called Legacy of Benedos.

In this scenario, Sir Benedos has sent you on a mission to recover an heirloom of his that he kept safe in a dungeon nearby.  However, it has been recently cursed, and so he needs brave adventurers to recover it.  but is there more going on?

Here is the adventure...

And if you want more Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition discussion, click here for the forum...

On a side note, is anyone heading to Dragonmeet in Kensington Town Hall in London on the 7th December?  I'll be there in the afternoon, if you fancy meeting up for a chat.  I'll be looking for Joe Dever, who announced on Facebook that he will also be there, and probably going to watch Ian Livingstone as well as looking at the latest Advanced Fighting Fantasy stuff from Arion Games.

Happy gamebooking!

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