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AFF villain - Scannax the Demon Summoner

Scannax is a wizard, who has done his fair share of adventuring.  However, upon seeking some treasure in a temple on the Pagan Plains, he came across an ancient grimoire which whispered to him of power.  After spending months studying the secrets within, Scannax learnt the art of summoning demons.  At first, his companions were horrified by this, but a demon he summoned saved them from an attack from a particularly nasty stone golem.  However, it was when Scannax learnt a ritual that would allow him to make bargains with demons to gain power in return for a part of his soul that things started to go downhill.  Scannax went from being an accomplished mage to on the brink of being an archmage in the space of a few short months.  He also grew physically stronger.  When demonic features started to appear, his former companions tried to kill him, but it was too late.  He slew them all singlehandedly and then seemingly vanished. 

Scannax is now the leader of a cult located in the ruined temple on the Pagan Plains which seeks to return demons to this world with the aim of being blessed with demonic powers.  In reality, Scannax has used his considerable charisma to lead poor unfortunates to do his bidding so that he can sacrifice them to advance his cause, which is more power.  Scannax wants more personal power and now he wants to expand his domain so that civilised lands will bow before him. 

Scannax will have several agents in cities, towns and wilderness all over Allansia who will be searching for magical items, assassinating local leaders so that they can be replaced with puppet leaders who will do Scannax's bidding, recruiting more cultists or stirring up discord amongst the populace.  Scannax is waiting for the right time to make an overt strike against civilisation with his growing army of demonspawn, corrupt cultists and chaotic non humans whilst he also searches the deeper depths of the temple for more magical items or books.  The grimoire Scannax found has one extremely powerful ritual which is beyond him at the moment, but once he manages to master it, no one will be safe. 

Scannax has given so much of his soul over to demons for power, it is now hard to work out whether it is him or the demons who are driving him now. 

Scannax the Summoner




LUCK:  10

MAGIC:  10


Social Scale: 7

SKILLS:  Magic - Wizardry (6), Magic - Conjuration (4), Religion Lore (3), Awareness (1), World Lore (3), City Lore (1), Magic Lore (5), Magic - Minor (5), Second Sight (4), Con (3), Bargain (3), Leadership (2), Etiquette (3), Common (4), Ancient Allansian (4), Demon (4), Elemental (3).

TALENTS:  Dark Seeing, Learned, Silvertongued, Clearsight, Natural Linguist, Attuned, Focus, Natural Mage, Physical Empowerment,

SPELLS:  Darkness, Fear, Fire bolt, Ignite, Illusion, Ironhand, Strength, Tongue Twister, Weakness, Breach, Consume, Counterspell, Command, Explode, Fly, Grand Illusion, Grow, Lightning Blast, Poison, Restrain, Raise Skeleton, Death, Earthquake.

MINOR SPELLS:  Burn, Dry, Entertain, Glimmer, Hear, Heat, Honesty, Inebriate, Instil, Mistake, Noise, Pucker, Repulsion, Spark, Stutter.

SUMMONING RITUALS:  Ritual of the Flaming Nightwing (see Heroes' Companion), Ritual of the Cursed Soul (see Heroes' Companion), Ritual of the Nightmare Mount (see Heroes' Companion), Ritual of the Unearthly Binding (see below)

WEAPON:  Staff or small claw

ARMOUR:  Scaly skin (as monster light armour).


Ritual of the Unearthly Binding

Magic - Conjuration:  4
Type:  Summoning
Components:  1 pint of conjurer's blood, 1 nighthawk feather, 1 piece of parchment of human skin.
Time Taken: 1 month.
Rarity:  Rare

This is a ritual that Scannax found in a long forgotten Grimoire he found in a ruined temple complex in the Pagain Plains.  The ritual summons a powerful demon which grants the summoner power in exchange for part of their soul.  This could be in the form of a spell, a stat increase or a demonic power.  However, the caster will start to take on demonic form and may lose control over their actions as they give away more and more of their soul.  The process of gaining such power quickly can be addictive and casters may not be able to stop doing this ritual for more and more power until they become completely demonic themselves.

Demon powers

Scannax has given so much of his soul over to demons that he has started to become like one.  He has glowing red eyes and mall horns growing out of his head.  He is also starting to get claws and scaly skin and small wings have started to grow out of his back.  These changes give him the following abilities.

Glowing eyes:  Give Scannax the Dark Seeing talent.

Scaly skin:  Scannax has monster light armour.

Claws:  Scannax has claws which he can use as weapons if disarmed.

Immune to non magical weapons:  Scannax can only be wounded by magical weapons.

Fire breath:  Scannax is able to breath fire. In combat, he can breathe fire on one opponent per combat round.  This deals 1 point of damage and armour cannot reduce it.

Small demon wings:  Scannax's small wings are able to let him fall slowly as if he has access to the FAL spell without having to make a casting roll or use stamina points.

Demon weakness:  Scannax is now vulnerable to the priest powers Smite and Banish.

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