Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kickstart your gamebook Christmas

Good ay, gamebookers! I've actually managed to get a few posts written this month (you will see them at some point) and I'm quite enjoying blogging again. I thought I'd swing by and tell you about three lovely gamebook kickstarters currently running.

6Quest - a game of interactive fiction

6Quest is a Hungarian game, but they want to extend their wonderful gamebooks to the English speaking world. There is a massive world to explore and I will be looking forward to exploring more of it. If you want to try a demo of 6Quest, go here.

Tin Man Games does The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

This is already on 50000 AUD with 38 hours to go. Tin Man Games is using the original Fighting Fantasy book to show off its new engine with maps, miniatures and strategic combat. The book will also have many extra features to it, such as being able to play different characters, extra rooms and much much more. Back it for your rewards before it's too late...

ZFiles: Infection - Videogame, comic and zombie apocalypse

This interactive game looks gorgeous. I am really looking forward to the awesomness that it can produce. It is combining a comic and gamebook to make something that looks wonderfully presented and slickly put together. Check it out!

So back back back people!

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  1. I've just given the 6Quest demo a go and backed ZFiles – both look very promising.