Saturday, February 20, 2016

Legend of the Wayfarer 3rd edition

Hello all. I've been working on my little pet project, Legend of the Wayfarer and I have changed it again.

You see, I created the series with the idea that players could do the books in any order - the idea was that you were travelling around a land and having adventures at certain locations. However, something that bothered me was that players had no idea what was happening in between adventures. Also, players could return to locations, to buy things and have encounters, but there was very little reason to do that. So what I needed was some kind of way of telling players what happened between locations whilst simultaneously making them have to return to places occasionally.

I was thinking about a map.

So I have tweaked the rules to include maps using the simple and versatile Hexographer. Below, I have the following documents:

Legend of the Wayfarer Core Rulebook 3rd edition - the new rules to include overland movement.

Legend of the Wayfarer Writer's Guide  - gives an idea on how I put the world together.

Map of the North - featuring Deepbridge (book 1), Moordell (Book 2 and 3 - I have merged Moordell and Lorwen into one village), Freyton and Fairwick (book 4), Garigill, Wolfington, Larkinge and Baron Rogaris's Keep (Book 5), Fallholt (book 7) and Innsmouth (which would have featured in book 9).

So book 1 in the new system will be an amalgamation of books 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 9. However, I will need fewer sections for each book because the map will replace some of the sections. The map also opens up opportunities to have mini encouters (of 1-10 sections) on a hex, so that one map can be full of wonderful stuff to explore.

I'm looking forward to getting going with the new book 1 when I have the time...


  1. Cool, good work! So how long will this take then? And how many paragraphs will the new Book 1 have? What will it's title be?

  2. 1) Realistically, it will probably be done in the summer as I'm finishing off another gamebook and have loads of teaching stuff to do at the moment.
    2) That will be an interesting question. At the moment, the 7 books that will feature in it take up about 750 sections, but I am looking forward to seeing how many sections the map gets rid off.
    3) Don't know yet. I'm not great at titles. All I know is that the area is north of the continent it's set on.

  3. This is shaping up interestingly! I think you should name the books after the regions they cover, like Fabled Lands, or at least the title should contain the region name: "Peril in The Parched Ocean," etc.